With new technology and the highest technological equipment, the company produces its own MONNI brand, created in 2008 and has established itself on the Bulgarian fashion market as a standard for style and elegance in the world of men's fashion for over 10 years.


Here is the only place in Bulgaria where the production is realized of the Italian technologies "Intelato" and "Semintellato". What is specific about them is the predominance of manual work, as well as materials and the way of their processing, replacing the traditional adhesion in the manufacture of clothing.


MONNI is a responsible menswear company that plans the future and lives in the present, with a careful look at the environment, human dignity and society at all.

MONNI's story is built on innovation - seen in the combination of classic men's visions with creative details that highlight the character of the leading menswear brand. MONNI's clients identify with men who carry more simplistic visions that are appropriate for everyday life, for a business atmosphere, and for special events.

The men's suits of the brand are classic in black, gray and blue. Combined with classic color shirts, any man can look professional in his workplace. In addition to business visions, MONNI also offers a casual men's clothing menswear. The designers of the brand are inspired by the world fashion trends and rely on more custom designs, colors and creative details.

The company maintains a European level of men's clothing, distinguished by authenticity, quality, affordable prices and passion for men's fashion. These values ​​are reflected in the strong, dynamic individuality of MONNI's menswear.

The stores are designed with the idea of ​​brand collections, their colors and design always to be in the spotlight and presented to customers in an attractive, dynamic and easy way.

MONNI - Classic men's suits, elegant sports suits, men's shirts, men's jackets, men's pants, men's shoes and accessories.

Enjoy your shopping at MONNI!