I. General information

The security and proper use of personal data are of high importance to our clients as well as to Desizo Monni Retail AD. That is why it is important for our clients to understand why and how we process their personal information. This privacy policy does not regulate rights and obligations, but aims to explain to customers what personal data we process in connection with the provision of electronic communications services and goods, why and how we process them, including when we need to disclose personal data to third parties. It also provides information about the rights that clients have in connection with the processing of personal data by Desiso Monni Retail AD. This personal data policy applies to the personal data that Desiso Monni Retail AD collects and processes in connection with the products and services provided by the company. It does not apply when customers visit a company website. In such cases, the collection and processing of personal data will be in accordance with the personal data policy (and / or cookie policy) for the respective website or application.

II. Personal Data Collected by Customers

Name, surname



Residence / City /

School / For entrants /

III. Why we collect personal information

1.     Personal data from customers are collected only for marketing purposes.


IV. Processing of personal data

1. We process personal data in good faith and in a transparent manner; 2. We process personal data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, in accordance with applicable law; 3. We process personal data to provide customers with better products and services that are tailored to their needs; 4. We take the necessary steps to ensure the security of the personal data we process. 5. We tell the client what personal data we collect, as well as why and how 6. We process personal data only for legitimate purposes. 7. We respect the rights of clients under the law on personal data protection, including the right to access personal data, the right to correct personal data, etc. 8. We take the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data of our customers from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, from unauthorized access, modification or distribution, as well as from other illegal forms of processing.

V. How we collect personal information

1. By filling in customer data on the company website 2. By voluntarily providing customer data at the time of purchase.

VI. How we process personal data

1. The data shall be collected in a specially designed customer database containing only the information described in point II. 2. The data is stored electronically in both the shops and the management of the company in Pleven.

VIII. How long we store personal data

1. Desiso Monni Retail AD stores the personal data of the clients for a period of 3 years from the date of introduction

VIII. Protection of personal data of clients

Building and maintaining trust between us and our customers is a top strategic priority for Desiso Monni Retail AD. Therefore, the protection of personal data is paramount for both our customers and the company. Our main goal is to keep our customers in the "safe hands" when using the products and services of Desizo Monni Retail AD. In accordance with the requirements of the current legislation and good practices, Desiso Monni Retail AD takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to keep the personal data of the users safe. If you would like to have all your personal information deleted from the site, please send an e-mail to gdpr@monni.bg with Names and E-mail. We will delete your information within 72 hours and you will be returned an answer.


IX. Since when do personal data policies come into force

This Privacy Policy is current as of May 23, 2018. This Personal Data Policy may be amended or supplemented by changes in applicable law, at the initiative of Desiso Monney Retail AD, the consumer or a competent authority (eg the Personal Data Protection Commission). It is recommended that users periodically check the most up-to-date version of this Privacy Policy at www.monni.bg