6.14 EURO
4.91 EURO
Unisex protective mask suitable for protection against infections, air pollution, dust particles, smog, exhaust gas and more.
• The mask is reusable after washing.
• Contains a PM 2.5 filter that has a one-year shelf life. Activated carbon reduces the risk of pathogenic viruses such as COVID-19.
• Contains a valve with membrane for easy inhalation and exhale as well as normal speech.
• There is a clip at the top for easier attachment to the nose.
• Handy with helmet and helmet.
• Without blurring when using glasses.
• Soft and comfortable cotton fabric with adjustable cords for people of all ages.
  • * three-layer 100% cotton mask
    * reusable
    * contains a PM2.5 filter that has a one-year shelf life
    * valve with membrane for easy breathing and normal speech
    * without blurring when wearing glasses


    When using the mask, the filter is placed from the inside of the mask into the appropriate compartment. When washing the mask, the activated carbon filter is removed and then put on again when the mask dries. The mask can be rinsed at any temperature.
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